Kaleidoscope-Elliott Oppenheim: coming of age novel-released; movie rights under negotiation

KALEIDOSCOPE portrays Chaim Goldberg’s senior year in high school, 1963-64, in which he twists with evolving adolescent ethics in a tearing break-up from the woman he most loves: his mother. He is a genius who escapes a fractured family and triumphs and flourishes because of his indomitable will despite his paradoxical knack for making all the wrong decisions. Available through SunstonePress.com, Santa Fe, book stores, and internet book sites.

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August 1963, Yardley, Pennsylvania

Flipping open the worn paperback, he bent the cover around the spine and skipped through the first few lines. “Indian summer is like a woman. Ripe, hotly passionate, fickle, she comes and goes as she pleases, so that one is never sure if she comes at all, nor for how long she will stay.” He knew that he shouldn’t read on the guard stand, but this was hot stuff, and D.H. was meant to be read on a hot summer day. A pup tent grew in his swimsuit. This was his second time through the book.

He had to appear attentive as he scanned the golf course with heavy, black, Zeiss 7 x 80 binoculars. Out at the rough, just to the side of the fourth green, he spotted Poe, a shiny raven, the size of a football, which he’d watched all the dry summer. He pecked the eyes out of a dead rabbit, and the long ears wiggled in the dried grass each time the bird nipped at it.

Poe was a Corvus corax, distinguishing it from Corvus brachyrhynchos, the common, smaller, crow. He liked Latin taxonomy and enjoyed watching it flap its wings and take flight with its earned rabbit morsel.

The pool thermometer looked as if it were about to burst, like hirsute Karen’s zits, with the mercury meniscus, swollen in the heat, nearing the top of its column. It was only eleven, and southeast Pennsylvania sizzled in its summer. Never know how much I love you, never know how much I care…Fever!